Thursday, February 10, 2005

rainy days and thursdays always get me down

ok, so it's my version of the Carpenters' classic. Today was more of a drizzly day, since the rains i expected did not happen (thank God!) > But nonetheless, everybody seems to be in a sad mood.

YM-ed with Anton, my friend from college who has musings of life, love and the depressing state of relationships very similar to mine (yup, everybody's going away, dude!!!) I feel bad for him...his girlfriend is leaving for another country to study and will be away for two years. We talked about how much has changed for the both of us (before we were each other's proxy dates) and somehow manage to be in the same circumstances. :-P Even from his words i can sense a deep emotion of depression, one that echoes my repressed feelings (of having someone in your life leaving you sooner than you think).

I have my moments of complete and utter desolation, mind you; perhaps today was his.

+ + +

Another friend shared her state of emotional turmoil over YM while another poured her heart over the telephone line. I wish i can do something to alleviate my friends' states, but i am also troubled myself. Hidden underneath this smiling face is a girl who knows she will experience the anguish of broken hearts very soon and is scared shitless of what to do next. *sigh* Some Valentine's this is gonna be.

+ + +

Ok, ok. Enough negativity! I promised myself before to not think of the negative, only allow positive energy to radiate and engulf my being. I am thankful for many reasons, and happy that despite all the worries that i have :

- i am healthy, and working ( my family and friends are, too).
- i am spending time with a wonderful guy who is smart, sweet and very understanding
(i love you sweetie!)
- there are people in the world who are still hopeful, and are making a difference in many ways.
- i have fabulous friends, who inspite of everything that makes each one very busy, manage to meet up,
hang out and be there in time of need!

+ + +

Listening to Ben Folds Five's "The Luckiest" makes me realize that amidst all these worries, i have something to smile about.

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